Aggregate Personality Containment Shell |Cerulean|

In the old world, it was common practice to collect data over the course of a person's life in order to reconstruct an AI of their personality to remain after their death. This data is contained in a small portable storage device known as a Shell. Near the end of the Last Fall, The Blue Rose Research Group, conducting studies on AI and human consciousness, began to illegally download and combine large numbers of AI personalities into AP, or Aggregate Personalities.

The BRRG created many different APs, to a variety of standards and qualifiers. Dr. Braius Fetale, Lead Researcher of AP Development, was hailed as an intellectual savior when he designed an algorithm that could analyze each downloaded shell for a variety of personality traits, or Definers, and organize them into a viewable interface.

Another important feature of Shell technology is that it can, when fully integrated and combined with other technologies, make an entity nearly immortal, for all intents and purposes.

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