Awakened Adva Turnaround

One of the most famed religious factions of Riak, the Priestesses of the Lost bases itself in Blue Spoon, of the Tide region. Priestesses of the Lost, frequently abbreviated simply to "Priestesses" or “The Lost”, are extremely important religious figures among their people. A small selection of females are chosen (methods vary by region) by their group to act as clan protectors, and each Priestess acquires a Last Fall Shell as the most important part of her initiation rites. Shells interact with the Current that flows through each Riakan, and Priestesses train to wield this Current to powerful effect. The Lost live short lives however, as a dark sickness eventually overtakes them. These Priestesses are referred to as “Blackened”, and soon the waters claim them as sacrifice.

Kim kresan awakened adva concept sheet 2